Asia Energy Engineering


Welcome to Asia Energy Engineering company limited (AEE) is the leading and reliable supplier with over 18 years of experience providing wide range of metal products and services. We are very flexible in being able to customize any specific product, and thrive in meeting client demand regardless of quantity or delivery requirement. Our specialty are divided into 2 areas as followed:

1. Supplying special metals products

Products that supply includes pipes, tubes, plate, fasteners, fittings, parts, and etc. If you are unable find goods that suit your needs, we will deliver them to you. With our extensive global and local contacts, we ensure that you will receive the best possible product prices without compromising any quality. Our in-house stock enable us to satisfy any urgent requests. In addition, products can also be delivered directly to you from our international stock, or domestic and foreign mills contacts. We have always been successful in meeting customers’ queries regardless of quantity, delivery time, and dimensions.

Materials :

• Carbon Steel
• Alloy Steel
• Stainless, Duplex and Super Duplex Steel
• Nickel Alloy
• Copper Alloy
• Many more upon request

Standards :


Segments :

• Energy - Oil&Gas – Chemical

2. Supplying fabricated products

After supplying raw materials to industrials sectors for over 15 years, we have established excellent connections with both global and local fabricators. Therefore, since 2014, we have gradually grown into supplying tailored made fabrication products. These includes fabrications of both replacement parts and equipment. Based on our vast knowledge gained over the years combined our excellent technical staff teams, we have received exceptional feedback from customers and government organizations regarding quality and delivery time.