Asia Energy Engineering


  • 1999

AEE was establishment. We originally solely served power generation and pulp & paper industries. During the first 3 to 4 years of our operation, we supplied various maintenance spare parts for these two industries.

  • 2003

Supplied products were shifted to mainly focus on steel in form of tube, pipe, plate, sheet and bar for power plants.

  • 2005

H-finned tubes for HRSG were the main products that we supplied. Other major supplied products include fabricated boiler panels for pulp & paper plant, cold-rolled sheet for enamelling plant processing, atmospheric and sulfur dew-point corrosion resistant steel plate, and enamel powder.

  • 2010

Our product range expanded to U-tubes for feed water heaters, which were supplied to both industries and utility power plants.

  • 2013

The business has been expanded to oil & gas industry, mainly through heat exchanger fabrications. Major supplied product were straight and u-tubes for heat exchanger along with pipe, plate, bar and various forging parts use in high temperature and corrosion resistance applications. Materials supplied to this industry includes special stainless steel, duplex steel, copper alloy and nickel alloy.

  • 2014

AEE has associated with AIDEN Group for sales and marketing of HRSG and Turbine Air Chilling system.

  • 2017

We have expanded and excel into fabrication works where we are able to capture customer that require customize replacement parts and equipment building.